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Hello fellow officials:

My name is Troy Huber and I along with my family have purchased Between The Lines Officials Gear from Rex Mehrhoff.  I have officiated various sports for 30+ years and had been a customer of BTL.  When I found out the Rex was interested in selling it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.  As for what if anything will change - we plan on keeping things the same as what Rex was doing for the time being which was quality products and superior customer service.

For me this was an opportunity to serve amateur umpires and referees across this great country.

I am comforted and take great pride in knowing that over the past 16 years, those umpires and referees that called, stopped by or placed an internet order from BTL…did so because ‘IT WAS THEIR FREE CHOICE TO DO SO’!

From the bottom of my heart…I wish each of you well and a big THANK YOU for all of you who have supported us through the years!


Sincerely – Troy Huber
Fellow High School Referee

Warmest regards,

Troy Huber
Owner & CEO