Shin Guards

All-Star LGU313 Low Profile Leg Guards - 17" A/S System 7 Leg Guards ChamPro Pro-Plus Leg Guards
All-Star LGU313 Low Profile Leg Guards - 17"All-Star System 7 Double Knee Leg GuardsChamPro Pro-Plus Leg Guards

The All-Star LGU313 Low Profile 17 inch leg guards are made of high impact resistant plastic with contoured high energy absorbing foam padding. Extra knee protection between knee and shin, curved instep, and comfortable harness.

The double knee LGU2000 System Seven™ umpire specific leg guards are designed for maximum protection, ventilation, and comfort.

Finally...a LOW-PROFILE Double Knee! Pair weighs 2 lbs 6 oz! High impact P.E. caps and is traditional 4 strap model. Available in 3 sizes...15.5" 17.0" and 18.5". This leg guard is a ventilated designed with full calf and ankle wings. Extra long...

Champro Pro-Plus Triple Knee Leg Guards ChamPro Single Knee Leg Guard Diamond DLG-UMP Lite Leg Guards
Champro Pro-Plus Triple Knee Leg GuardsChamPro Single Knee Leg GuardDiamond DLG-UMP Lite Leg Guards

The Champro Pro-Plus Triple Knee Umpire Shin Guards provide a low-profile design with lower thigh protection in a triple-knee shin guard.

ChamPro Single Knee Leg Guards...set of 2...marked Left and Right...only weighs 2 lbs 4 oz! High impact P.E. caps and is traditional 3 strap model. Available in one size only...16.5". This leg guard is designed to fit umpires that are over 5'...

Diamond Ump Lite 'Featherweight' Single Knee Leg Guards

Force3 Pro Gear Ultimate Shin Guards - 14.5" / 16.5" / 18.5" Wilson Guardian Triple-Knee Leg Guards - 15.5" Diamond DLG-UXS 17" Leg Guards
Force3 Pro Gear Ultimate Shin Guards - 14.5" / 16.5" / 18.5"Wilson Guardian Triple-Knee Leg Guards - 15.5"Diamond DLG-UXS 17" Leg Guards

These incredible high quality shin guards are made of premium materials including High Impact, Military-Grade Force Disbursing Aramid Fiber, stainless steel rivets, and high-impact slimline composite buckles.

Wilson Guardian Double-knee umpire shin guard, The Guardian™ Umpire Gear by Wilson. Triple knee cap design for improved protection. Removable toe cap. Vented in the right places for maximized airflow, keeping you cool.

Stay protected and mobile with the Diamond 17” Umpire Leg Guards. These Diamond Leg Guards are a classic umpire design that allows for a wide range of mobility and a great level of protection.

Diamond DLG-US 15" Leg Guards Diamond DLG-iX3 Series Leg Guards All-Star LP11 Double Knee Leg Guards
Diamond DLG-US 15" Leg GuardsDiamond DLG-iX3 Series Leg GuardsAll-Star LP11 Double Knee Leg Guards

These short Diamond Umpire Leg Guards are designed for umpires that are looking for protection that still allows for mobility. These Diamond Umpire Leg Guards feature a short design that sits comfortably over the shin and knee.

If you're looking for umpire shin guards with lower thigh protection and solid features at a reasonable price, the Diamond iX3 with its triple-knee design and top-quality manufacturing is one to consider.

Designed to provide you with added upper knee protection the All-Star Umpire Double Knee Leg Guards feature a double knee design with curved instep and an extra plate between the knee and shin for ultimate protection.

Wilson Pro Platinum Leg Guards Wilson West Vest Leg Guards - 18"
Wilson Pro Platinum Leg GuardsWilson West Vest Leg Guards - 18"

The Wilson WTA3417 Pro Platinum leg guards deliver the protection you need when you're calling a big game. These leg guards feature CoolMax moisture-wicking material in the lining to help keep you cool and dry.

Expanded ankle plates for maximum protection. Velcro attached padding for easier maintenance. Stitched plastic for added durablity. The Wilson West Vest umpire leg guards feature expanded adjustable ankle plates, reinforced padding along the...