NuttyBuddy Performance Jock


NuttyBuddy® Jocks - Sure, you can hate yourself and buy that $4 jock. But if you love the boys, you’ll Protect the Boys.

The NuttyBuddy® jock is no ordinary jock. With a 2-inch plus support band that goes around your waist, the patented gusset that stabilizes the cup (no other jock uses this thickness) and LOCK rib material, our jock is flexible but at 50% normal jock material. Why? Because you need your cup snug to the body. When you take a blow to your junk, you want the force dispersed to the pelvic bone and not to the most sensitive part of your body. Do yourself and your boys a favor, get the NuttyBuddy® Jock.

  • 2" woven jacquard waist band elastic, constructed with Nylon and Spandex
  • 1" woven elastic unique designed with long stretch and high recovery.
  • Offers comfort and durability
Our mission is always front and center in our mind. Our cup is designed to fit TIGHT to your body, so you can feel safe, secure and protected. Not wearing your NuttyBuddy is like having a screen door on a submarine.

Note: The NuttyBuddy Performance Jock does not have a separate cup pocket. All undergarments are non-returnable. For maximum protection and comfort Nutty Buddy Shorts should be paired with the Nutty Buddy cup. Warranty is void if not paired together.

NuttyBuddy Performance Jock
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  • Item #: UG-1600BSS
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