NuttyBuddy Cup / Jock Package

Product Alert Regarding Nutty Buddy

Jan 22nd, 2018

We are sorry to report that expected stock of Nutty Buddy products in 2018 will be limited.

The Nutty Buddy line was bought (again) by another manufacturer. Virtually no additional stock is available from either company.

For you, stock will be especially limited of the highly popular "Cup & Jock Package". For that reason, if you want a NEW Nutty Buddy, we highly recommend that you buy now. Stock of some sizes are already running low.

If you already have your Nutty Buddy, consider yourself lucky. However, stock of shorts and jocks that are sold separately may be spotty at times this season, too. Consider purchasing now to play it safe.


The NuttyBuddy athletic cup is like no other cup ever designed. Our cups are made to the highest quality using a high impact resistant polycarbonate material known as Lexan124-R, which is the same material used in bullet resistant glass and is four times more expensive than the plastic used in traditional cups. The true factor that sets NuttyBuddy apart from our competitors is the anatomically correct design which has made the NuttyBuddy the most comfortable cup on the market today. The design of the cup allows the wearer movement with ease while it cradles the anatomy.

Nutty Buddy Protective Cup

  • Made with high-impact resistant polycarbonate material
  • Elongated tail protects under groin area
  • Reduces force of impact by over 2000% vs. other cups
  • Cushioned edge is molded and built-in to match cup's thickness
  • Ventilated for air flow and comfort
  • Cradles the anatomy differently than other cups

Nutty Buddy Jock

  • Specifically designed to fit with the NuttyBuddy Cup and the NuttyBuddy Compression shorts
  • Superior support over competitor jocks
  • Double stitched at every connection
  • Extra 1/4" elastic strap to reinforce connection of the contoured panel and leg straps to the waist band
  • 2.5" waist band (1/2" larger than our competition!)
  • Designed for all sports and activities
  • Highest quality product
Note: The NuttyBuddy Performance Jock does not have a separate cup pocket. All undergarments are non-returnable. For maximum protection and comfort Nutty Buddy Shorts should be paired with the Nutty Buddy cup. Warranty is void if not paired together.

For maximum protection and comfort Nutty Buddy Shorts should be paired with the Nutty Buddy cup. Warranty is void if not paired together.

NuttyBuddy™ cup sizing is based on body size:

The Boss
Cup Depth: 2"
Cup Length: 6.23" 
Cup Width: 3.41"
Body Height: 4’6” – 5’6”
Body Weight: 80-130 lbs

The Hog
Cup depth: 2.25"
Cup Length: 6.83"  
Cup Width: 4.0"
Body Height: 5'4” –5'8"
Body Weight: 130-170 lbs

The Trophy
Cup Depth: 2.375"
Cup Length: 7.03" 
Cup Width: 4.11"
Body Height: 5'8” – 6'2"
Body Weight: 170-210 lbs

Cup Depth: 2.5"
Cup Length: 7.18" 
Cup Width: 4.35"
Body Height: 6'2" and up
Body Weight: 210 lbs and up

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NuttyBuddy Cup / Jock Package
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