Reddings Study Guide to Football - NCAA Edition


This 200+ page study manual by George Demetriou, a football veteran of 40+ years, is a must own for any high school football official who wants to be at the top of their game. Beautiful illustrations to further explain concepts and principles.

Based on the NCAA rulebook, this manual is broken down into the following chapters

-Recent Rule Changes
-Scrimmage Requirements and Live/Dead Ball
-The Running Game and Forward Progress
-The Passing Game
-The Kicking Game
-The Clock and Overtime
-Major Fouls
-Substitution and Participation
-Penalty Enforcement
-Loose Ends and Other Stuff
-Quiz Questions and Answers
-Penalty Summary
-When In Doubt
-Rule Citation and Alphabetical Index
-Review Test (contains 50 True/False questions and answers to facilitate a review of the material covered in the chapter)

Reddings Study Guide to Football - NCAA Edition
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