Ultimate Belt


Look your best the whole game with this highly practical Ultimate Belt. It fits around your hips over your umpire or referee shirt and inside your pants or shorts to keep your shirt securely tucked in. The Ultimate Belt helps the shirt resist pulling up while also helping to keep the slacks from sagging down.


  • Lightweight, velcro fastening belt helps keep the professional look that umpires and referees demand
  • Machine washable in cold water


  1. Size the ULTIMATE-BELT by placing it over your shirt around your waist until It's well fitted.
  2. Secure the ULTIMATE-BELT by connecting the Velcro ends and cut off the excess material to your desitred length.
  3. Pull your pants over your shirt and theULTIMATE-BELT, to keep your shirt neatly tucked into your pants.   
  • Hand wash as needed and hang up to dry
  • DO NOT put in dryer and DO NOT iron.
Ultimate Belt
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