Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock


The Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock is the ultimate in groin protection for high-impact sports and umpires. It delivers highly effective groin protection without sacrificing comfort. Designed by award winning designers and Stanford University engineers, the system has been approved by Doctors and Urologists.

Made from military grade elastics and premium construction, the Diamond MMA groin guard system leverages a high performance 4-strap jock system to hold a specially designed athletic cup in place within a perfectly tailored cup pocket. This patent pending system prevents both lateral and vertical movement of the cup. 

In combination with the Diamond MMA Quad Strap jock, the cup stays completely in place with dedicated straps to minimize both lateral and vertical movement. The Diamond MMA cup is used by athletes, the US military, and, of course, officials

Jock Features

  • Zero Cup Shifting: Quad-strap system keeps cup in place and held down when getting into your baseball or softball umpire stance
  • Elastic waistband with drawstring to provide custom fit
  • 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
  • Cup NOT included

Size Chart

  • Small 27" - 30" (68-76cm)
  • Medium 31" - 34" (77-86cm)
  • Large 35" - 38" (87-96cm
  • XL 39" - 42" (97-106cm)
  • 2X 43" - 48" (107-122cm)

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Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock
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