Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock & Athletic Cup System


The last athletic cup system you’ll ever need to buy

Designed for high-performance athletics, our unique 4-way jock strap locks your cup into place for guaranteed protection without sacrificing comfort. The Diamond MMA 4-way jock strap was engineered with military-grade elastics and premium quality construction to bring you the toughest jock strap on the market.

  • Patent-pending system prevents lateral and vertical movement of the cup during training
  • Designed for easy cup removal and entry
  • 30-day warranty on all compression shorts and jock straps

The Diamond MMA athletic cup couples a co-molded elastomer design with a polycarbonate core to provide complete protection, comfort, and strength unlike any other cup on the market.

  • Patent-pending design protects sensitive groin muscles and nerves from all angles of impact
  • Our polycarbonate core is rigid, yet flexible - built from the same plastic material used in bulletproof glass
  • Ergonomic soft edge molds to your body for an exceptional level of comfort
  • You’ll never buy another cup again thanks to our lifetime warranty

Size Chart

  • Small 27" - 30" (68-76cm)
  • Medium 31" - 34" (77-86cm)
  • Large 35" - 38" (87-96cm
  • XL 39" - 42" (97-106cm)
  • 2X 43" - 48" (107-122cm)

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Diamond MMA Quad Strap Jock & Athletic Cup System
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