Alternate Possession Switch


Product Details
  • Each time there is an alternating possession situation, flip the black and white switch!.
  • When the switch is in the up (white) position, it represents the home team. When in the down (black) position, it represents the visiting team or team with the darker jerseys – can be determined by sight or feel.
  • Possession switch’s double sided tape allows it to easily be secured in Fox 40 classic and classic whistles with cushioned mouth grip (manufacturer of switch not affiliated with Fox 40 – See below for more info).
  • Fits Fox 40 Classic Whistles. Does not fit in ACME or Fox 40 Pearl, Fuziun, Dolfin, Sonik, Classic Eclipse, Epik or Mini Whistles.
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An effective tool to accurately manage alternating possession throughout all levels of amateur basketball.


  1. Set your switch in the up position (white showing).
  2. Make sure the surface of your whistle is clean. Peel off the protective cover on the tape to expose the adhesive.
  3. Insert your switch into the whistle.
  4. When your switch is in place, press firmly on switch to create a good seal between switch and whistle.
  5. To insure the best installation results and a maximum seal between the whistle and your switch installation temperature should be from 70°F to 100°F.

Note: Whistle in picture shows what Flip58 will look like once installed. The whistle is not included and whistles do not come with the Flip58 pre-installed.

Fox 40 has required the manufacturer of this switch to include the disclaimer below to insure that you know it is not a Fox 40 product.

Disclaimer – This product is not connected in any way with nor endorsed by Foxtron International, Inc. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, the manufacturer of the Fox 40 International Inc. whistles. This product may reduce the performance of the Fox 40 International Inc. whistles.