Diamond iX3 Series Leg Guards


Product Details
  • iX3 lightweight padding
  • Additional hinged cap above the knee provides lower thigh protection.
  • Floating lower knee cap for better flex upon bending
  • Inner padding extends enough around the leg to prevent rubbing from strap hooks.
  • Extended ankle protection is a layer of fabric over hard plastic inserts for stronger protection.
  • Instep guard is secured by Velcro making it easily removable.
  • Weight:15.5″-1.14lbs, 17″-2.2lbs, 18.5″-2.24lbs
  • Locking J-hooks to help prevent detachment during game
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If you’re looking for umpire shin guards with lower thigh protection and solid features at a reasonable price, the Diamond iX3 with its triple-knee design and top-quality manufacturing is one to consider.

These umpire shin guards are also among the lightest in weight and are a great option for taller umpires with having a 18.5″ size option.

DLG-iX3 UMP 155: Posi-Fit size 15.5″
DLG-iX3 UMP 170: Posi-Fit size 17″
DLG-iX3 UMP 185: Posi-Fit size 18.5″

Additional information

Leg Guards

15.5" – 155, 17" – 170, 18.5" – 185