Discbands Alternate Possession Wristband – Wrestling


Product Details
  • Black silicone elastic wristband that is now softer and more durable than ever
  • White & Black Discs (each side also has a different surface and can also be determined by feel)
  • Clip with sizing connectors for one-size-fits-all fit (Up to 8.5″ wrist circumference)
  • Able to fit wrist up to 8.5″.
  • Black Alternate Possession Wristband with White & Black Discs representing Home & Away
  • View Disc at Possession or Jump Ball
  • Rotate Discs after throw in or after toss
  • Sizing connector included
  • Comfortable soft silicone elastic wristband
Sizing Instructions
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The Discbands Alternate Possession Wristband for Wrestling officials to alternate choice between matches or to alternate position in match with green & red discs representing home & away. Can fit discretely under scoring wristbands.

Join the discs outside of wristband for free flip disc! Comfortable soft silicone elastic wristband with sizing connector fits wrist up to 8.5”. Storage case, with attached carabiner for your convenience, will keep items clean, dry and easily accessible.

Sizing Instructions