Force3 Dry-Lo Umpire Ball Bag – No Inside Pocket


Product Details
  • NO Inside Pockets – won’t allow fingers or hands to catch as you reach for baseballs
  • Enhanced 100% polyester for greater durability, strength, and quality 
  • Signature “Home Plate” design between the belt loops
  • “Water-Safe” polyester fabric bonded with a special high strength glue 
  • Slight tapered edge to help keep baseballs in the bag while running
  • Available in Black or Navy
  • Approximately 12″H x 12″W
    • Bag depth is 9.5″
  • Fits up to 6 baseballs or 3 softballs
  • Price is per individual ball bag, not a set of two
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Known as the “Dry-Lo’s™”, Force3 has kept the same basic design and enhanced it with greater durability, strength, and quality. Manufactured to their specifications, each ball bag is handcrafted with a signature “home plate” design between the belt loops. Each ball bag has a special “Water-Safe” polyester fabric that was bonded with a special high strength glue under more than a ton of pressure.

The Dry-Lo’s™ offer more than moisture proofing, the design includes a slight tapered edge to help keep baseballs in the bag while running.

Note: The NAVY No Pocket Dry-Lo Ball Bags will NOT match the NAVY Dry-Lo Ball Bags with pockets. Force 3 has changed to a lighter shade of navy in an attempt to better match navy umpire shirts.


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Black, Navy