Fox 40 Mini Whistle


Product Details
  • The Fox 40 Mini whistle is a smaller, more compact, and shriller version of the Classic Whistle
  • Patented three-chamber design for faultless performance every time. Cuts through crowd noise and travels a long distance.
  • Patented, pealess design for loud, shrill penetrating power
  • Crisp, sharp sound
  • Sound Power: 109 dB
  • Color: Black


The Fox 40 Mini is a more compact version of the Fox 40 Classic with a smaller mouthpiece. This whistle is compact, with a smaller mouthpiece. Fox 40  whistles are made with no moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate.

109db sound is 6 decibels less loud than the Fox 40 Classic and Classic Eclipse.

Additional information


Black, Blue, Red, White