Reddings Study Guide to Football – NCAA Edition


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Based on the 2020 NCAA rulebook, this manual is broken down into the following chapters
  • Introduction
  • Recent Rule Changes
  • Scrimmage Requirements and Live/Dead Ball
  • The Running Game and Forward Progress
  • The Passing Game
  • The Kicking Game
  • The Clock and Overtime
  • Major Fouls
  • Scoring
  • Substitution and Participation
  • Penalty Enforcement
  • Loose Ends and Other Stuff
  • Quiz Questions and Answers
  • Penalty Summary
  • When In Doubt
  • Rule Citation and Alphabetical Index
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Each chapter is presented in the following sections
 – The Rules in Brief (a brief, succinct restatement of the rules for the topic of that chapter)
 – The Rules in Depth (a more detailed study of the rules only touched on in the first section, reinforced by examples and references)
 – Additional Examples (play situations that further illustrate the rules for the chapter. They give the reader the option to test their comprehension)
 – Review Test (contains 50 true/false questions and answers to facilitate a review of the material covered in the chapter)
and beautiful illustrations to further explain concepts and principles.

Also includes new direction and insight on the 2020 rule changes.