The Whistle Shield


Product Details
  • Blocks all emissions from eyes, nose and mouth of everyone around
  • Most pealess whistles snap right in
  • TWS is designed to work with precision time
  • Simple whistle hygiene – just wipe clean
  • No hand-to-whistle contact once in place
  • Protects integrity of the game
  • The Whistle Shield easily attaches to all pea-less whistles
  • Diverts all whistle emissions away from the eyes, nose and mouth of others
  • Reduces whistle “touches,” as once Shield is attached users will not touch the whistle again
  • No material impact to sound
  • Wipe Clean = No Washing / No Bag


The Whistle Shield was developed to fortify existing whistles from emitting particles up and into the air. TWS maintains the whistle’s sound, function and is easily cleaned and attached. Once a whistle has been Shielded, all of the emissions are directed straight down and away from the eyes, nose and mouth of any close player, coach, fan or fellow referee.

The Whistle Shield’s proprietary design covers and Shields the traditional whistle for hygienic benefit without sacrificing sound or functionality.

  • TWS stops all emissions from getting to face level vs. polyester pouch or mask which only stops an unknown % of particles.
  • TWS is easily cleaned with an alcohol prep pad vs. having to be machine washed after each use.
  • The CDC advises against a mask during aerobic exercise.
  • TWS stops users from touching their actual whistles while allowing them to communicate to partners, players and coaches

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Black, Blue, Red, White